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from East On Fire by Foreign Affair



Don't be so sad tonight, don't feel so all alone
I'll tell you thousand lies to save you from a fall
It's all a big mistake, I have no urge to find
Another used cliché
How time's just flying by

No chance in hell
The wheel is turning
She's feeling wall

Beat my brains up - how to mend your broken heart
Beat my brains up - how to calm the storm inside
I'm beating my brains up - what to stop and what to start
Beat my brains up- what to say, what to do
I'm beating my brains up - now it's really up to you
Beat my brains up - I can't stand to see you down

Don't throw your life away, don't wallow in your sorrow
You break down on the ground afraid to face the day
I'll try and pull you out, I'll be your perfect
I'll be your Groucho Marx or anything you want

You want to yell
The wheel is turning
She's feeling well

Beat my brains up...


from East On Fire, released January 1, 1989
Words: S. Birnbach
Music: Sakharof/Fortis
Vincent Kenis: samples
Jeffrey Wood: rhythm guitar
Maurice Poto: drum program
Anneli Marian Drecker: backing vocals


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